Your Business

The UK wants to provide a highly competitive tax environment for investors. As a result, we have rewritten our tax laws as they apply to the foreign profits of UK businesses. The aim is to encourage you to use a UK base as you invest outwards into the world.

The starting point is to understand your objectives for your foreign investment. Armed with these we can work together to put in place a structure that is fit for purpose and tax efficient in the UK and internationally.

We will need to consider a range of issues including what support the business will require from the UK, how it will establish itself locally and, vitally, whether it will it be a branch or a subsidiary, who will be the key decision makers for the new business and where will they be based, what money flows will be taking place to and from the new operation and VAT?

It may be sensible to start as a branch that you convert into a subsidiary when it becomes profitable. It may not! There is no template, just a range of inter-related concerns that will help us plan most effectively for you.