You and Your Family

If you are about to emigrate you will be doing so for one of two reasons: your work or your lifestyle.

If you are leaving to work full-time, it is relatively easy, given certain conditions, to shed your UK tax residence and receive income free of UK tax. The key issue to consider here is how much income you will continue to generate from the UK (from rent and other investments). Our objective will be to keep your foreign earnings wholly outside the scope of UK income tax and for you to remain subject to UK income tax only on your UK income, whilst keeping a keen eye on the impact on your pension.

It is much harder to gain non-residence status if you leave the UK for lifestyle reasons (usually tax or retirement-related). This will often require you to sever your links with the UK including your home, and for your spouse or civil partner and minor children to move with you.

Once these initial issues have been covered, we’ll need to consider the relative impact of income, inheritance and capital gains tax before looking at the future impact on your estate.