You may not expect a website about tax to introduce itself as a ‘family planning’ service.

But there are two ways to approach tax.

There’s the traditional way, which starts with a tax return or problem, and looks for the best way to complete or solve it. It’s the reactive equivalent of going to the doctor once you are in pain.

The other way starts much earlier. It’s preventative. It involves an understanding of the principle that many things you do at work, in your business, at home and in life generally will have an impact on the tax due and working forwards from that point.

I have always believed that destination driven advice is not just the most effective way to approach tax; it is also the most efficient. It doesn’t just cover your immediate tax problems on an acute reactive basis it also prepares you for the unforeseen eventualities and consequences that may follow.

Under self-assessment we are all deemed to know every element of UK tax law. This is impossible. You have however the right to work with experts to understand from the decisions you are considering the best route for you. This best route approach allows you to understand and plan for the tax costs that will flow. It also allows you before you commit, to think through the wider implications for the ‘stakeholders’ you care about. For the world’s biggest corporations and wealthiest families this is the definition of ‘tax planning.’ It can also be called ‘informed choice.’

Once we have discussed your immediate objectives we’ll look at these from every angle and analyse the best ways to achieve your desired destination in a way that is tax efficient and acceptable to you given any wider issues identified. This approach is why this site is broken-down into lifestyle questions.   Although I may be a tax expert, I genuinely believe I can only offer you best advice by helping you make an informed choice for your family or business planning.

Robert Schon, LLM